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openCFS userdocu

This is the user documentation for openCFS, an open source finite element software focusing on multiphysics simulation (reflected by its name, an acronym for open source Coupled Field Simulation). This research-driven simulation tool features elaborate techniques for various physical fields. The modelling strategy focuses on physical fields and their respective couplings. Strong data exchange interfaces are provided to use third-party pre- and post-processing libraries. The XML-based modelling language is easy to handle and well described by application examples.

This documentation aims to provide a starters-guide to openCFS. It includes:

  • Installation guides (Section Installation)
  • Introduction into the various physical fields (Section PDE Explanations)
  • Tutorials on how our xml scheme works or how the analysis workflow is structured (Section Tutorials)
  • Fully functional application examples, providing a step-by-step solution of multiphysical simulation examples (Section Applications)

The documentation currently only covers a small sub-set of the functionality of openCFS. We're happy about contributions to the documentation, for details head over to the source code respository of the userdocu.