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Create a merge Request

In order to merge your repository into the original repository, your branch/forked repository have to be merged into the original repository.

Im finished with editing. What should i do?

Great. Now you have to do following steps:

Updating your local repository

Im just running quickly over some basics. For more details look into git-slides.

  • With # git status you can see the current status of your repostitory (branchname, filechanges etc.). Here you can see if your local repostiory is up to date.
  • With # git add file you can add a change/file to your repository
  • With # git commit you commit these adds to the repostiory. Note: Now you have to write a short commit message e.g. "Added XYZ".
  • With # git push you push your local repository to gitlab.

Create Merge Request

Once you pushed your branch onto gitlab and it passes the pipeline, its time to create your merge request.

Follow the steps in the gif below:

  • Click merge request on the sidebar
  • Click new merge request
  • Select source branche: This is your forked repo e.g your_fork/userdocu : master
  • Select target branche: This is openCFS/userdocu : master (the branch your fork is based on)
  • Click Compare cranches and continue
  • Add a meaningful title and description
  • Create merge request
  • Hint: assign yourself as assignee, so you find the merge request on gitlab under Merge requests.


Mark the mergerequest as ready


  • the merge request is created
  • you are done with all the work
  • merge request passes the pipeline (automatic tests to garantuee you do not blow something up)

you can mark the merge request as ready. Click on Mark as ready.

Assign a reviewer

Once your merge-request is marked as ready, you should assign a developer as reviewer (@apapst, @kroppert, etc..), so we get notified a new merge-request is ready to review. If the merge request gets approved, your branche will get merged into the master and deployed on the userdocumentation website. AssignReviewer

If you are not able to assign a developer, contact them via email.