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Temporal Blending

Temporal Blending is usually used to smoothly apply an external source to the PDE. Therefore the source data s(t) is multiplied with a scalar blending function f(t) to get the output

r(t) = s(t) \cdot f(t)

The blending function is defined as explained in Math Expressions

The filter is defined as following in the CFSdat xml input:

For temporal Blending with the blending function f(t)=1-t^2

<temporalBlending inputFilterIds="input" id="blend">
  <blendingFunction temporalFunction="1.0-t^2"/>
    <inputQuantity resultName="..."/>
    <outputQuantity resultName="..."/>


Please provide an acknowledgement at the end of your publication using this software part for simulations

The computational results presented have been achieved [in part] using the software openCFS [Temporal Blending].