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Installing ParaView and activating the CFSReader Plugin

In order to read openCFS native HDF5 data format (*.cfs or *.h5ref files) with ParaView you need our CFSReader plugin. The plugin has been included in ParaView (from version 5.12) and needs to be activated before it can be used.

Install ParaView

You can build ParaView from source or install an official ParaView release for your operating system.

Note: The plugin is included in ParaView from version 5.12, see the release notes.

Activate CFSReader Plugin

In order to read openCFS result files (*.cfs files) with ParaView, one must activate the CFSReader plugin.

Follow these steps:

  • Open ParaView and in the menu bar click Tools > Manage Plugins
  • Select CFSReader and click the Load Selected button (you can also activate the Auto Load check box to load the plugin on every subsequent program start)
  • Now .cfs files can be opened and visualized using ParaView