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XML Editors for openCFS Input Files

The XML based simulation input files for openCFS can be written in any text editor. However, specialised XML editors reading the XML-schema will greatly simplify input definition since they typically offer features like auto-completion and schema validation.

Below you find a view choices:

For an instruction on how to edit an xml file and to find out more about the structure of the XML scheme, see the XML Explantions page.

eclipse IDE (with xml plugin)

eclipse IDE is a powerful IDE and supports XML auto-completion and shema validation.

First install eclipse, e.g. on Ubuntu Linux via the package manager

sudo apt install eclipse

Then open eclipse and go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace and search for Eclipse XML Editors and install it. Then restart eclipse.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has many plugins for XML files. Follow the official docs on installation and managing extensions. The XML extension from redhat offers XML validation and autocompletion with schema support.


The commercial oXygem XML Editor supports auto-completion and schema validation (and much more). It is available for all common platforms and they offer free trial versions.