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All files in this tutorial can be downloaded here.

This is a simple example of a beam bending under terperature load. It illustrates the forward coupling between a heat conduction analysis (computing the temperature field) and a subsequent mechanic analysis computing the displacement field due to temperature loading. The first sequence step is used to create a linear temperature distribution over the thickness of the beam. In the second step this is applied as an input for thermal strain. Due to the chosen mechanical boundary conditions there are considerable thermal stresses.

Exercise Suggestions

To get familiar with the example

  • study the cubit journal file beam2D.jou to find out which regions are defined
  • look into the simulation input heat-mech.xml and go through the analysis steps
  • look into the material input mat.xml and go through the material parameters
  • run everything (e.g. using and open the output in ParaView
  • load the paraview state file sigma-xx.pvsm

Additionally you can modify the example to

  • compute the von-Mises equivalent stress
  • choose boundary conditions at the left edge which do not over-constrain the vertical displacement. How do the results change?