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You need an external mesh generator to create meshes for openCFS. openCFS support a range of mesh formats as input, most widely used are:

  • Ansys CDB (written by cubit / trelis)
  • Gmsh (format < 3)
  • cfs internal *.mesh files written by various preprocessing scripts

The principal mechanism by which openCFS interfaces with the mesh generator is by region names. These region names are assigned in the mesh generator and collect sets of volume or surface elements or even nodes. The region names are then used in the openCFS XML input to define PDEs or assign material properties on certain volume regions, apply boundary conditions to surface regions or request results. Once you have exported the mesh file from the mesh gernator, specify it as the fileName attribute it in respective mesh format tag in the <fileFormats><input> section of the opeCFS XML input.

In the following you'll find a few examples for selected mesh generators.