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Animate Harmonic Results in Paraview

In this tutorial is a simple example used to show how to animate harmonic results in paraview. As Simulation we use the cantilever application and visualize the deformation via Warp by vector and animate the harmonic displacement.

  1. Open CFS-file
  2. Choose needed Region
  3. Check Animate Harmonics/Modal Results
  4. Hit Apply
  5. Choose right Analysis Step
  6. Choose right Frequency Step
  7. Hit Apply

Now we want to visualize the displacement field, therefore:

  1. Select Warp by Vector (to see some cool deformation)
  2. Hit Apply
  3. Select under Vectors mechDisplacement-mode (Its important to always select the mode-result, if choosen amplitude the direction is lost)
  4. Select a good Scale Factor
  5. Hit Apply
  6. Press play and enjoy a nice animation

All the steps above are visualized as a gif as well:

Hint, Tipps and Tricks

  • To get the animation smoother, you can change the frames per second and many more under View => Animation View
  • You can also animate scalarfields (e.g. temperature field), vectorfields (e.g. magnetic flux density) and many more.